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10 best folding bikes

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Folding bikes can be real-time-savers. They scoot you around town and are ideal for a commute that includes a train, say, when you can fold it and take it on board without worry. Better still, you can take it indoors easily so it’s safe from bicycle thieves. And if it starts raining when you’re mid-ride, it’s a simple matter to take it with you in a taxi. Folding bikes are pricier than non-folding and are worth trying before you buy as they can feel a bit more wobbly than a full-size bike.

{1} Bickerton Docklands 1824 Country: £579; tredz.co.uk

At 13.9kg this is not a light bike but that’s no surprise when you see that this is full-size, with 26-inch wheels, it’s just it folds in the middle. Unlike many folders, it has a lot of gears (24), though it comes without mudguards.

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{2} Montague Paratrooper: £799.99; evanscycles.com

Here’s another full-size machine with 24 gears and 26-inch wheels. The Paratrooper is rugged and tough – more so than a lot of fold-ups – and it has a disc brake on the rear wheel, making it a surer stopper in the wet. It weighs 13.2kg.

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{3} Tern Verge X10: £1150; evanscycles.com

Tern bikes are solid and effective. This one is especially eye-catching and is a nippy ride, not least thanks to its 20-inch wheels. Even so, it’s light (9.7kg) and quick to fold. There’s even a rubber strap to hold the unit in a tight package when folded.

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{4} Apollo Tuck: £199.99;

The Halfords own-brand folder has bigger wheels than Bromptons do. Its 20-inch wheels mean it’s a sturdier, faster ride than smaller wheels provide, but the trade-off is that the bike is bigger when folded so less convenient when you’re carrying or storing it. At 14.2kg, this one’s heavier than some but it includes mudguards and a kickstand.

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{5} Dahon Mu Uno: £560;

Dahon makes great folding bikes and this model is a winner. It’s light at 9.9kg and a comfy 20-inch wheeler. It is a single-speed bike that helps with the weight and gives a simple, attractive design. It also means there’s no rear brake lever – you brake by pedaling backward. There is a front brake lever, of course.

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{6} Raleigh Stowaway 7: £247.50; wiggle.co.uk

Raleigh’s folding bikes are keenly priced and have the solid build quality, but it’s heavy – around 15kg. It has seven gears and a simple fold. If you have a short commute or only occasionally use a bike, this 20-inch wheeler is a great choice.

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{7} Dahon Visc P18: £720; winstanleybikes.com

The 18-speed P18 is reasonably light at 11.28kg and colorful enough to turn heads. The fold is less satisfying than on a Brompton but does the job and is efficient enough. The 20-inch tires are thick enough to make the ride feel secure in all weathers.

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{8} Brompton M1E: £765, evanscycles.com

British Brompton still makes the very best folding bikes: small when folded, fun, and enjoyable to ride. Unlike the other brands here it has smaller, 16-inch, wheels. The M-type is the original Brompton with familiar-shaped handlebars. You can customize Bromptons by choosing steel or steel and titanium frames, for instance. This basic model weighs 10.4kg.

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{9} Tern Link C7: £320; evanscycles.com

This 20-inch wheeler is the most basic of Tern’s range – as shown by the price. Even so, it’s hardly the heaviest folder around (12.4kg) and still a looker. It’s well-built and comfortable to ride.

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{10} Brompton S3L: £905, evanscycles.com

The S Type is slick and attractive. Bromptons come in a huge range of colors so you don’t have to settle for black. Like the M Type above this is a bike with 16-inch wheels with the company’s trademark quick-and-easy fold. This 11.5kg model comes with mudguards attached.

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Verdict: There are no two ways about it, Brompton smacks the competition into submission. But the other brands looking out for are Tern and Dahon which offer decent value and strong build quality. Full-size wheels are rare on folders and can be seen to be of limited value, but the Montague Paratrooper is a decent example of the breed.

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