10 best folding bikes

Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike

Folding bikes are can be real time-savers. They scoot you around town and are ideal for a commute that includes a train, say, when you can fold it and take it on board without worry. Better still, you can take it indoors easily so it’s safe from bicycle thieves. And if it starts raining when […]

Best mini computer speakers

Best mini computer speakers

Size doesn’t matter when you have the best mini speakers. Sound quality is just as crucial as picture quality for an immersive gaming experience. Having crisp, clear audio allows players to hear where footsteps or gunshots are coming from and act accordingly. Competitive games like CS:GO and Call of Duty can be won or lost based on what players […]

A Review of Happiest Season (2020): Between Comedy, Tragedy and Christmas Idealism

Happiest Season 2020

Any seasoned individual who has waded their way through the fantasies of Santa Claus and Holiday idealism would be quite hard-pressed to name the holidays the Happiest Season. Evidenced by countless familial tensions, spikes in domestic violence, and the almost unbearable societal pressures to have fun throughout the bitter cold of winter. Because of all […]

Top 5 Scary Movies

scary movies

Scary movies are the bane of every little child who has to sleep alone at night. We have all been scared of ghosts or the supernatural as children – save a few. There are even full-fledged adults who are scared of the supernatural nowadays. Nonetheless, if you get a kick at night from watching scary […]

Top 5 Batman Villains


Though DCU hasn’t made any impressive movies lately, we are still excited about the Snyder Cut. While we wait, we have decided to list the best Batman villains of all time. We are doing this list because Batman has been considered by many to have the most unique and recognizable villains in all of comics. […]

Top 5 Harry Potter villains

harry potter

Harry Potter is one of those timeless movies that have become an eternal part of our lives. Following Daniel Radcliffe as he plays Harry Potter in J.K Rowling’s billion-dollar story that has made our lives what they are today. While you’re busy casting Wingard Leviosa on your friends and blowing their heads off, these 5 […]