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This massive Samsung 75-inch 4K TV comes with a secret $600 Amazon credit

SAMSUNG Q60A QLED 4K Smart TV Review

It’s not often that the words “Samsung” and “sale” are in the same sentence, but sometimes you find an amazing deal that makes you question everything. Hidden deep on Amazon’s website is this Samsung 75-inch Class QLED Q60A Series 4K Ultra HD Dual LED Smart TV. It’s going for $2,698 at the moment. Seems pretty […]

Hisense’s new U8G is the brightest 4K TV I’ve seen for under $1,500

Hisense's new U8G is the brightest 4K TV

Hisense’s 65-inch U8G 4K TV delivers the brightest HDR performance I’ve seen for under $1,500. With excellent contrast and solid Android streaming, this is the new mid-range TV to beat. up its game in the value-priced TV market. The 2021 65-inch U8G is its best flagship yet, delivering exceptional image quality and reliable smart TV streaming for $1,250. There […]

Mum discovers husband’s ‘violating’ behavior while she showered & people are outraged

Mum discovers husband’s ‘violating’ behavior

A CONCERNED mum has asked the internet for advice after discovering her husband had ‘violated’ her privacy, deeming his behavior’ unsettling’. The parents-of-two have a Blink Camera to keep an eye on their pet tortoise while they are out but the woman discovered her husband used it to spy on her instead. She had just […]

What Is Aperture in Photography? How to Understand Camera Aperture

What Is Aperture in Photography

Should you use a narrow or wide aperture? What you choose depends on what you’re shooting. Many photographers are familiar with the golden triad of exposure compensation: shutter speed, ISO, and camera aperture. Together, these three are the artist’s first line of defense when working in the field. While the shutter speed determines how long […]

During inauguration, ‘modern technology’ of fast photos wows politicians

During inauguration modern technology of fast photos wows politicians

Just wait until Congress discovers the existence of Polaroids. Congress has occasionally been accused of being out of touch with technology, and comments about today’s fast photo processing made by a couple of congressional leaders on Wednesday won’t help that perception. The inaugural ceremonies involved quite a few presentations of commemorative gifts, including a set […]

Best mini computer speakers

Best mini computer speakers

Size doesn’t matter when you have the best mini speakers. Sound quality is just as crucial as picture quality for an immersive gaming experience. Having crisp, clear audio allows players to hear where footsteps or gunshots are coming from and act accordingly. Competitive games like CS:GO and Call of Duty can be won or lost based on what players […]

Panasonic’s New 2021 OLED Wants to Win Over Gamers, Just Like Everyone Else This Year

Panasonic's New 2021 OLED

Panasonic is hoping to win over the gaming crowd with its flashy new flagship OLED. Grab a ticket, buddy. Panasonic says the new JZ2000 OLED, which will ship in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes, will have higher peak and average brightness levels, a juiced-up sound system with side- and up-firing speakers, as well as gamer-focused […]

First Dolby Atmos Sound Bar Added To The Denon Home Range Of Wireless Speakers

First Dolby Atmos Sound Bar

The annual shindig that is CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) is now upon us and this year it’s being delivered digitally because of the pandemic. I’m not going to attempt to report on all the presentations that I attend during CES, but I will be sifting through them to pick out what I think are the standout […]

Sony Enters Drone Arena With Airpeak

Sony Enters Drone Arena With Airpeak

Sony meted out additional details on its forthcoming Airpeak camera drone at this week’s virtual CES, after having announced its intentions to enter the space last year. Read the full Professional Video Cameras Review The Airpeak is a larger quadcopter, with retractable landing gear, more similar to a DJI Inspire than a slimline Mavic drone in size, with […]

Canon at CES 2021: EOS R1, modular 8K cinema camera, other products we can expect

sony camera ces

It is the 53rd annual Consumers Electronics Show going on virtually. Many companies prepare themselves to woo users with their technology at the event. Sony unveiled the Airpeak brand for drones at CES 2021. Similarly, another imaging brand -Canon promised something different to showcase at the platform. The company said, “This is not the same […]

Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after Trump is permanently barred from the platform


Twitter’s stock price tumbled as much as 12% on Monday, erasing $5 billion from its market capitalization. The tumble followed the social-media group’s permanent suspension of President Donald Trump’s account on Friday. “After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to […]

CES preview: 2021 show still brings must-see technology – TVs, drones, robots – but done virtually


Bigger TVs, mobile electronics, automobile technology, digital health, privacy – and, of course – robots. The hot topics expected to dominate the 2021 CES show, kicking off officially Monday, may sound familiar. But the annual high-tech mecca where most of the biggest names in electronics, telecommunications and software show off new products will be anything but normal. As the coronavirus pandemic continues […]