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Mum discovers husband’s ‘violating’ behavior while she showered & people are outraged

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A CONCERNED mum has asked the internet for advice after discovering her husband had ‘violated’ her privacy, deeming his behavior’ unsettling’.

The parents-of-two have a Blink Camera to keep an eye on their pet tortoise while they are out but the woman discovered her husband used it to spy on her instead.

She had just finished having a shower and was moisturizing her body in the bedroom, all while her man was watching their kids who are aged two and five.

She admitted that things had been “tense recently” and that he “moans usually” about watching the kids during the day – but she insisted it was just for 20 minutes while she showered.

The stay-at-home mum noticed the camera, which was in the bedroom with her, had been turned on manually and was recording her while she was naked.

“I’m not really sure what to do,” the mum wrote on Mumsnet, where she asked other women for advice.

“Off I go to shower, go upstairs to dry off, etc, and get dressed. We have a pet tortoise who lives on a tortoise table. I bought a Blink camera so I could see if she was ok while we were out (I’m a bit of a nervous first-time pet owner),” she continued.

“While I was moisturizing, naked [obviously] (I wasn’t taking ages over it, and I have really dry skin, I can’t skip it!), I noticed the blue light on [the] camera, which I know means the live view has been activated by the app because of when I set it up. I just froze for a moment and then took two massive steps out of the shot. I’m absolutely mortified,” the mum said.

She said that she “calmly” got dressed before approaching her husband and asked him to delete the Blink app on his phone, which he can easily use to switch the camera on and off.

But he acted innocent, said the woman, and said he was “just checking up” on her, but she felt incredibly uncomfortable.

“The camera used to just show the tortoise table and a tiny bit of the bed,” she said.” I was getting ready on the other of the bed so it must have been adjusted to cover that area, it’s a manual adjust one.

I just froze for a moment and then took two massive steps out of shot. I’m absolutely mortified.

Anonymous Mum

“I just don’t know what to think. Who spies on their own wife?” the mum wrote, before asking if she was being unreasonable for feeling “really angry and violated.”

Fellow mums rushed to reassure her that her feelings were entirely valid, with many people left outraged.

“I would be f*****g livid,” one mum wrote, according to Nine Honey. “Your husband is a creep. I think that might be it for me, my trust in him would be shattered.”

Another mum wrote, “Very unsettling and I would not be happy!” while one mum pointed out that the husband’s act was “creepy.”

Many suggested taking things a step further and contacting the police who can “examine his computer for evidence he’s been recording and uploading” the video, potentially sharing it with other people.

Many even suggested leaving him saying what is did was unforgivable, and it’s clear he can’t be trusted.

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