Hair Wax Stick, Wax Stick for Hair Wigs, Edge Control Stick


  • Hair Wax Stick can style and smooth the edges of even the unruliest hair (broken hair, frizz hair, or fly-away hair)
  • Smooths hair and improves shine
  • Non-greasy, no white flakes, no frizz, no hardening, and will maintain the best condition throughout the day
  • It can be used together with strong styling gel
  • Safe and healthy hair wax stick is white solid, contains beeswax, Castor Oil, Avocado oil, and other natural plant ingredients to nourish the hair, is safe and non-irritating, and does not hurt the scalp
  • Suitable for any type and color of hair easy to clean, no residue
  • You can directly use the hair wax stick to apply it to the area of your hair that needs to be controlled
  • Affordable and provides reasonable control of edge hair while being easy to carry around for use in a variety of settings
  • It makes your hair look fuller, shinier, and more defined
  • Free delivery