Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Treatment Shampoo


  • Dandruff stays off your head & shoulders with this dandruff shampoo that helps relieve itchy & flaky scalps
  • When using your regular shampoo and conditioner use twice a week between washes
  • Works on all hair types & gray hair
  • This dandruff relief shampoo is made with ketoconazole 1%, an effective ingredient that binds to your hair’s natural protein to kill dandruff
  • Your scalp remains flake-free with the shampoo’s thick lather & leaves hair manageable & shiny
  • Dandruff is caused when scalp cells regenerate at an accelerated rate faster than scalps can handle
  • With hormones, diet, stress & genes, dandruff can be fought with the clinically proven anti-dandruff shampoo Nizoral, with ketoconazole 1%
  • Clinically proven Nizoral helps maintain a healthy scalp with the anti-dandruff shampoo that kills dandruff & controls itchiness & flaking
  • A soft shampoo with ketoconazole, use it twice a week between shampoos for a flake-free scalp
  • For all hair types
  • Free delivery