Satin Bonnet for Sleep, Reversible Shower Caps


  • The double-layer Satin Bonnet for sleep feels great with a softer shiner hair
  • Use it while sleeping to reduce friction with your pillow and better protect the hair
  • Large room for all hair sizes
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Hair moisturizer, hair growth promoter, less hair freeze and loss, and for softer hair
  • The soft silk material is used to fit the skin, and the texture is soft enough to make it comfortable to use anyway
  • Not only works well when you sleep as a sleep hat, but it also brings much convenience when you do some preparations before sleeping like washing your face and brushing your teeth or applying a face pack after taking a bath
  • Looks perfect on both sides, super soft, and silk-like on both sides. You can change its color by turning it over and wearing it on in another color
  • Our silk satin bonnet will help you get rid of the dryness and breakage cause the satin bonnet to have no moisture-absorb materials such as cotton
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