Silicone Body Scrubber


  • The deep cleanse exfoliating body scrubber that’s so effective, relaxing, and refreshing
  • This scrubber brings a modern alternative to the outdated fluffy loofah
  • It’s built tough with a 100% silicone design, deep cleaning bristles, and an ergonomic handle so no place is out of reach. Go on, upgrade your hygiene game
  • You’ll feel so rejuvenated you might forget to wash behind your ears
  • This scrubber will bring a plethora of benefits to your life as it unclogs pores and cleans where no other scrubber has cleaned before leaving your skin feeling soft and exfoliated while boosting circulation
  • The Body Scrubber is 5″ x 4.5″ x 2″ / 12.7cm x 11.43cm x 0.79cm making it easy to keep in the shower and take with you when you travel
  • Free delivery