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The Best Cameras for Kids for 2021

Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by admin

Unleash your child’s inner artist by giving them their own camera. We’ve got sensible picks for kids of all ages, along with tips for getting started with digital photography.

You don’t have to be a grown-up to pursue photography or movie-making. Giving your child a camera can open their eyes to the world, and provide you with insight into what it looks like from their perspective.

But you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a camera for a young kid who might break or lose it, nor do you want to give a teenager something that’s oversimplified and doesn’t give them room to learn and grow as an artist.

There are a few approaches you can take to teaching your young one to actually use a camera. Allowing them to experiment is a good start, but also consider a more structured environment, like a photo class. And make sure to check out our story on photo tips for beginners.

We’ve highlighted several good choices here, including tough cameras that can withstand drops, a DIY construction project, and analog options to teach kids what things were like before the world went digital.

nikon coolpix w150 white compact sf5p.1024

Nikon Coolpix W150, White, Compact

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Nikon’s waterproof, easy-to-use, and inexpensive W150 (an updated edition of the Coolpix W100) is our top choice for younger kids. It sells for around $150 and is rated to survive drops from 5.9 feet and go as deep as 33 feet underwater. It’s a perfect first camera thanks to big, easy-to-press buttons and a tough design.

canon eos m200 kk38.1024

Canon EOS M200

An interchangeable lens camera is a good choice if you’re buying for an older middle school or high school student interested in photography. It will open up more creative possibilities, including manual control and the option to use a macro, telephoto, and other specialized lenses.

Around $550 with a lens, it’s a strong value option for students enrolled in photography classes, and it’s compact enough to be a carry-anywhere camera for aspiring photojournalists working for the school paper or snapping candid shots for the yearbook. It’s missing an eye-level viewfinder—if you want one, comparable alternatives include the Canon EOS M50 and Panasonic G7.

pentax k1000 7s1d.1024

Pentax K1000

The Pentax K1000 is the classic student camera. The 35mm SLR had its heyday, but if your teen goes to a school that teaches photography the old-fashioned way, the K1000 is the best example of an all manual, all-analog 35mm camera. Track one down, load up a roll of Tri-X and take in the aroma of those lovely darkroom chemicals. (Photo Credit: antalaron)

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