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Top 5 Harry Potter villains

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Harry Potter is one of those timeless movies that have become an eternal part of our lives. Following Daniel Radcliffe as he plays Harry Potter in J.K Rowling’s billion-dollar story that has made our lives what they are today. While you’re busy casting Wingard Leviosa on your friends and blowing their heads off, these 5 villains have steadily made their way into our minds and hearts.

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Top Harry potter villains’ people won’t forget.

Here are the top 5 Harry Potter villains that you should know about:

#5. Lucius Malfoy

Though Lucius wasn’t really introduced until the later chapters, he has been the main inspiration behind Harry’s eternal rival: Draco’s mischief. It was because of Tom Riddle’s diary and his cruel acts on our poor Dobby that we wouldn’t want anything more than Lucius to throw himself under that faster-than-light Knight Bus.

Though he did redeem himself a little at the end when he threw his status as a Death Eater away for his son, Lucius still has done his fair share of evil to make this list.

#4. Dolores Umbridge

Perhaps the most annoying and physically repulsive character of all time in Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge was the perfect candidate for: “Who does she think she is?” or “I wish someone would Expelliarmus her out of this dimension”.

Everything about her screamed villain. Even though Voldemort didn’t bless her with the Death Eater mark or even become a complete DE, she did prove to be a big thorn for both Harry and the viewers’ side.

Sometimes we all wish the Centaurs would have just trampled over her instead of her wand, don’t we?

#3. The Dursleys

The Dursleys are the perfect definition of bad foster parents. Bullying Harry and making him do all their chores while they gained pounds of fat was all they ever did. Not only did they try to break his spirit, but greatly resisted when Hagrid – bless his kind soul – came to Harry’s rescue.

Dumbledore should have chosen better parents to leave a child – who the entire world of supervillains is after – with, shouldn’t he have?

#2. He who must not be named – Voldemort

Of course, no Harry Potter villain list can end without the ultimate big baddie: our noseless bully Voldemort. Though his origins could have easily put him as one of the most handsome characters in the franchise, his nose job has dunked him down the “least attractive humanoid characters” lane.

The main reason Voldie made this list is that he is the most heartless villain in the entire series. Want to murder a child in front of the parents? No problem. Want to murder a parent in front of a child? Ka-ching! Let’s leave a lighting scar on his forehead too!

#1. Severus Snape

Though Snape redeemed himself as one of the series’ most heartfelt and beautiful characters in his final moments, we have all thought of Severus Snape as the big baddie that Harry will ultimately have to battle. Severus Snape was portrayed with the makings of the perfect school villain:

  • Knock up – He would talk as if he were looking down on Mr. Potter and would always stare into Harry’s eyes.
  • Suspicious movements – Je was shown being an accomplice or at least getting some part in some of the troubles that Harry and the gang had to face.
  • Half-Blood Prince – He had a nasty habit of writing evil spells in his potion’s book, which earned him this title – and had an entire movie on.

Though Severus is both a hero and a villain at times, we will still consider him as our favorite villain of all times.

Final Thoughts:

Of course, the world of Harry Potter is filled with annoying villains, but these are the ones that stand out as the easily remembered ones. We will never forget our friend Alan Rickman for his phenomenal performance as Severus Snape. May his soul eternally rest in peace.