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49ers’ Kyle Shanahan Analyzes Packers’ Performance Ahead of NFC Divisional-Round Clash

As the NFL playoffs unfolded, Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers found themselves gearing up for a matchup against the Green Bay Packers, who secured a convincing 48-32 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Shanahan revealed that the 49ers coaching staff began their preparations two quarters into the Packers’ dominant performance.

Addressing the media ahead of the NFC divisional-round game, Shanahan acknowledged that the Packers’ sharp performance didn’t catch him entirely off guard. Despite the surprise of how the game started, Shanahan explained, “Once you watch the tape and get into Green Bay and you get to think of their numbers and you watch their players and how they are doing it, it doesn’t surprise me at all now.”

Shanahan admitted that the 49ers had not extensively studied film on their potential opponent until the Packers showcased their prowess on the field. The coaching staff started their analysis early in the second quarter of the Packers-Cowboys game, recognizing that Green Bay would be their next challenge.

“We were already in here [in the office], so we were doing it that day,” Shanahan shared. “We had mixed in a little bit earlier in the week, hitting up a couple of teams. But [we] started to focus on them halfway into the second quarter.”

The 49ers’ playoff path became clearer with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys exiting on Super Wild Card Weekend. However, star defensive end Nick Bosa cautioned against underestimating any playoff opponent, emphasizing the need to remain vigilant in the pursuit of the Lombardi Trophy.

“Yeah, definitely don’t look past opponents in the playoffs,” said Bosa. “But when you watch the tape, it makes perfect sense.”

The 49ers had the advantage of resting over the weekend, allowing them to get a head start on analyzing their upcoming opponent, the Green Bay Packers. This unexpected benefit gives Shanahan and his team additional time to strategize and prepare for a challenging clash against a formidable Green Bay squad.

As the 49ers focus on their playoff journey, the unpredictability of postseason football keeps everyone on their toes. Shanahan and his staff are diligently analyzing their opponents, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead on the path to the Super Bowl.

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