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Cannabis Consumption Linked to Elevated Empathy, According to Research

In a surprising twist, new research suggests that cannabis use might not just be linked to anxiety relief, sleep, and enhanced creativity, but it could also make individuals more empathetic. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience Research, explores the potential connection between cannabis consumption and empathy, shedding light on a less-explored aspect of the impact of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of cannabis.

The study involved 85 regular cannabis users and 51 nonusers who underwent a test measuring empathy. Additionally, brain imaging was conducted on some participants to analyze a specific region of the brain associated with mediating the empathic response.

Surprisingly, cannabis users scored higher on the emotional comprehension aspect of the empathy test, showcasing an enhanced ability to understand others’ emotional states. The brain imaging results revealed greater connectivity in areas related to emotions and empathy among cannabis users.

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Víctor Olalde-Mathie, a neuroscientist at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and an author of the paper, was intrigued by the scarcity of research on THC and empathic ability. He hypothesized that cannabis users might exhibit higher empathy due to the anxiety-mediating effects of cannabis, suggesting that lower anxiety levels could lead to improved physiological and autonomic responses.

While limited, previous studies have also hinted at the potential positive effects of cannabis on pro-social behaviors and empathy. A 2022 study involving college students with varying THC levels in their urine suggested that cannabis users might have an enhanced sense of care for others and a motivation to engage in benevolent and selfless actions.

However, research on cannabis and empathy has produced mixed results. A 2016 report using the “event-related potential” technique found impaired empathic processing in cannabis users compared to nonusers. The disparity in findings highlights the influence of individual and situational differences in how people react to cannabis.

The recent research, while associating cannabis use with increased empathy, falls short of proving cause and effect, according to Carrie Cuttler, a psychology professor at Washington State University. Cuttler emphasizes that it remains unclear whether cannabis is causing increased empathy or if individuals with higher empathy are more likely to use cannabis.

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The complex relationship between cannabis and empathy suggests that the effects may vary based on individual characteristics and circumstances. As the scientific community delves further into this intriguing connection, it raises questions about the multifaceted impact of cannabis on human behavior and emotions.

Source: Washington Post

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