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Grand Blanc Twp. residents congratulate Powerball jackpot winner

The Powerball jackpot of $842 million was won on Monday night in mid-Michigan, specifically at the Food Castle in Grand Blanc Township. This marks Michigan’s second-largest jackpot win. The cash value of the prize is a lump sum of $425.2 million, which adds to the staggering win.

At this time, the winner of the jackpot remains anonymous until they come forward to claim their prize through the Lottery. The store’s owner, Bill Nannoshi, expressed his excitement and noted the rarity of such events happening locally. He hailed Grand Blanc as an exceptional place to reside and operate a business.

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To receive their winnings, the winner must file an online claim and journey to the Lottery Headquarters in downtown Lansing. Regular patrons at Food Castle also shared their enthusiasm about the news. Susie, a sales clerk, wished for a local victor, hoping they would utilize the windfall positively. Meanwhile, Juan, a resident and frequent customer, lamented missing out but appreciated the win of staying within the community.

Michigan Lottery Commissioner Jessica Weare highlighted the significance of the recent Powerball jackpot win by acknowledging its life-altering impact on the lucky player. She also emphasized the positive ripple effect on local businesses and the contribution to Michigan’s public schools through ticket sales. The retailer who sold the winning ticket received a $50,000 bonus commission. This momentous win aligns with the Lottery’s commitment to channel revenues toward enhancing education, further amplifying its support for public schools. The Commissioner expressed the Lottery’s collective thrill and extended congratulations to the grand prize winner.

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