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Sauber Formula One Team Transforms into Stake F1 Team: Unveiling the New Era

The Sauber Formula One team, after a stint under the Alfa Romeo brand, has embraced a new identity with the launch of its car and livery under the banner of Stake F1 Team. This rebranding marks a significant shift in the team’s commercial partnerships and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in its history.

Following five years (2019-2023) as Alfa Romeo Racing, the team has transitioned to Stake F1 Team, aligning itself with its new title sponsor, an online gambling platform. The striking black and green livery unveiled alongside the new car signifies this fresh start for the team.

The partnership with Stake is set to span two years, during which the team will compete under the Stake F1 Team moniker. However, a major development looms on the horizon, as German automotive giant Audi prepares to take over the team and venture into Formula One in 2026. This forthcoming transition promises a fully rebranded team, complete with Audi engines, signaling a significant evolution for the outfit.

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The rebranding initiative for the 2024 season has sparked some confusion regarding the team’s nomenclature. While the entity responsible for crafting the cars remains Sauber, founded by Peter Sauber and debuting in Formula One in 1993, the team opted to embrace the name Stake at its launch. Interestingly, the FIA’s official entry list designates the chassis as “Kick Sauber,” adding to the naming complexity.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, a representative of the team, shed light on the naming intricacies, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of a team’s identity in Formula One. He clarified that while the official chassis name is Kick Sauber, the team’s chosen identity is Stake F1 Team, reflecting their strategic direction and commercial partnerships.

Moreover, the nature of Stake’s business as an online gambling platform necessitates adaptability in certain race locations where local regulations prohibit gambling-related advertising. In such instances, the team will revert to the name Kick, associated with an online gaming platform under the same company as Stake, to ensure compliance with local laws.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Sauber, now Stake F1 Team, will field a formidable driver lineup comprising Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu. Excitement mounts as the new car prepares to hit the track for the first time in Barcelona, followed by testing in Bahrain starting February 21st.

The transformation from Sauber to Stake F1 Team symbolizes not just a change in name but also a strategic pivot towards new partnerships and opportunities. As the team navigates this transition, eyes will be fixed on their performance on the track and the unfolding narrative of their redefined identity in the fast-paced world of Formula One.

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