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Seasonal home maintenance checklists and routines

Maintaining your home seasonally is crucial to ensure it stays in good condition year-round. Here are seasonal home maintenance checklists and routines for each season:


  1. Exterior Inspection:
    • Check the roof for damaged shingles and repair as needed.
    • Inspect the siding for any damage or signs of wear.
    • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  2. Landscaping:
    • Trim trees and bushes away from the house.
    • Fertilize the lawn and address any bare spots.
  3. HVAC Maintenance:
    • Schedule professional HVAC maintenance.
    • Replace air filters.
  4. Windows and Doors:
    • Check windows and doors for proper sealing.
    • Clean windows and screens.
  5. Deck and Patio:
    • Inspect and clean the deck or patio.
    • Seal or stain the deck if necessary.
  6. Inspect and Clean Outdoor Equipment:
    • Check the condition of outdoor furniture and clean as needed.
    • Service and clean the grill.
  7. Pest Control:
    • Inspect for signs of pests and take preventive measures.
  8. Check Safety Devices:
    • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Replace batteries if necessary.


  1. Garden and Lawn Care:
    • Water the lawn regularly and adjust sprinkler systems.
    • Trim and prune plants as needed.
  2. Check Outdoor Plumbing:
    • Inspect outdoor faucets and hoses for leaks.
    • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  3. Inspect and Clean the AC Unit:
    • Clean debris around the outdoor AC unit.
    • Change or clean the air filter.
  4. Inspect and Clean Windows:
    • Clean windows and screens.
    • Check weather stripping.
  5. Painting and Staining:
    • Touch up exterior paint as needed.
    • Stain or paint the deck if necessary.
  6. Inspect and Repair Driveway/Walkways:
    • Fill cracks in the driveway or walkways.
    • Power wash if needed.


  1. Gutter Cleaning:
    • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs.
  2. Roof and Chimney Inspection:
    • Inspect the roof for loose or damaged shingles.
    • Schedule chimney inspection and cleaning.
  3. Weatherproofing:
    • Seal gaps around windows and doors.
    • Insulate exposed pipes.
  4. Heating System Maintenance:
    • Schedule professional maintenance for the heating system.
    • Replace air filters.
  5. Prepare Garden and Lawn for Winter:
    • Trim bushes and trees.
    • Fertilize the lawn.
  6. Check Safety Devices:
    • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Replace batteries if needed.


  1. Heating System Check:
    • Test the heating system and ensure it’s working efficiently.
    • Check for any drafts and address insulation.
  2. Weather Stripping:
    • Check and replace weather stripping around doors and windows.
  3. Ice Dam Prevention:
    • Clean gutters and ensure proper insulation to prevent ice dams.
  4. Prepare Outdoor Equipment:
    • Store outdoor furniture and equipment.
    • Winterize the lawn mower.
  5. Inspect and Clean Fireplace:
    • Inspect and clean the fireplace and chimney.
  6. Check Safety Devices:
    • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Replace batteries if needed.
  7. Emergency Kit:
    • Ensure you have an emergency kit with essentials for winter storms.

Regular maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and ensures your home is safe and comfortable throughout the year. Adjust these checklists based on your specific home and regional needs.

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