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Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera

The Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera by Javiscam presents a compact, feature-rich surveillance tool. Here’s a comprehensive review:


  • PIR Motion Detection & Real-Time Alerts: Smart sensors detect people, cars, pets, and objects swiftly, sending real-time mobile alerts for immediate awareness.
  • Ease of Setup: A straightforward 3-step Wi-Fi configuration process allows easy setup within minutes, making it user-friendly for anyone.
  • Cloud & Local Storage: Supports encrypted cloud storage for remote playback and local storage on a memory card, ensuring data safety and accessibility.
  • Long Battery Life: Offers an impressive 100-day standby time, with usage lasting 7-30 days after a full charge, depending on motion triggers.
  • Night Vision: Equipped with a 6-layer polarized glass lens for clear night vision, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions.


  • Mixed Reviews: Users have varying opinions about the motion detection sensitivity and the frequency of notifications.
  • Cloud Service Reliability: Some users encountered occasional issues with cloud storage access and playback.

Customer Feedback Highlights:

  • Positive sentiments about the compact size, quality, battery life, and ease of installation.
  • Praise for real-time access convenience, motion detection accuracy, and the effectiveness of night vision.
  • Mixed opinions regarding the frequency of notifications and the cloud service’s reliability.
  • Appreciation for the discreet design, making it suitable for covert monitoring.


The javiscam Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera stands out for its compact size, impressive battery life, and reliable motion detection. While some users experienced minor issues with the cloud service and notifications, the majority appreciate its performance, ease of installation, and night vision capabilities. With its array of features, this camera serves as a reliable and user-friendly surveillance tool for indoor use.

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The javiscam Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera stands out for its compact size, impressive battery life, and reliable motion detection.Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera