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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Reveals Unexpected Twist with Mrs. Freeze Addition

In a surprising turn of events for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the game’s live service ambitions are set to introduce Mrs. Freeze as part of its upcoming character lineup. This revelation comes after the recent announcement of an “Elseworlds” version of Joker, with three more characters planned for release in the coming year.

The accidental leak occurred during gameplay when Brainiac, a character in the game, addressed Harley Quinn as if she were Mr. Freeze, hinting at the addition of the iconic ice-based villain. The twist, however, is that this version of Freeze is portrayed as a woman, introducing Mrs. Freeze into the Suicide Squad universe.

While details about the character’s backstory remain unclear, the decision to feature Mrs. Freeze instead of a more traditional character like Killer Frost adds a unique dimension to the game. The leaked silhouette and accompanying image suggest that Mrs. Freeze’s city traversal mechanism will involve an ice slide, reminiscent of the X-Men’s Iceman.

The introduction of Mrs. Freeze raises questions about how the game will balance the character’s abilities within the Suicide Squad framework. Given that ice is one of the core elements in the game, players can create freezing builds with any character. However, Mrs. Freeze’s unique abilities may include assault rifles, SMGs, or miniguns, with her freezing powers reserved for traversal and special moves.

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The decision to incorporate Mrs. Freeze adds a layer of complexity to the game, especially considering the existence of the four core elements. While anyone can create a freezing build, Mrs. Freeze may also have the ability to experiment with fire or electric builds, creating an intriguing dynamic within the Suicide Squad universe.

Despite mixed reviews and less-than-stellar Steam numbers, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League continues to garner attention with promising console sales and positive player feedback. The game’s future remains uncertain, but the addition of Mrs. Freeze is sure to keep fans engaged as they explore this unexpected twist in the evolving narrative of the Suicide Squad universe.

The original story appeared on: Forbes

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