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WiiM Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier

The WiiM Amp is a versatile, feature-packed amplifier that aims to transform your passive speakers into smart audio powerhouses. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of its features:


  • Impressive Power: Offers 60 Watts per channel at 8 ohms and 120 Watts per channel at 4 ohms, providing ample power for various speaker setups.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity options ensure seamless integration with multiple devices.
  • Voice Control Integration: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, enabling convenient voice control for music playback, news, weather checks, and smart home management.
  • HDMI ARC Port: Enhances home theater experiences by delivering rich stereo sound from TVs, making it a valuable addition to your entertainment setup.
  • Multiroom Audio Support: Allows you to create a unified multiroom sound system, compatible with AirPlay 2 speakers, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other WiiM devices.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Supports high-quality music streaming up to 24-bit/192 kHz, compatible with platforms like Amazon Music Ultra HD and TIDAL.
  • Compact Design: Sleek aluminum build, offering versatile placement options without compromising on performance.


  • Possible Latency Issues: Some users reported latency concerns, affecting their experience with the device.
  • Output Sensitivity: Users with high-sensitivity speakers (above 93+ dB) might face challenges in adjusting the volume to lower levels.

Noteworthy Features:

  • WiiM Home App: Allows control over music streaming services, volume adjustments, speaker synchronization, alarm setting, and more, providing a comprehensive system management platform.
  • Premium Audio Components: Equipped with ESS Sabre DAC and TI TPA 3255 amplifier chips, ensuring exceptional audio quality with low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
  • Easy Setup: Minimal setup required, facilitated by a user-friendly app and voice remote pairing.

Overall Verdict: The WiiM Amp stands out as a compact yet powerful streaming amplifier, offering an impressive array of features for both music enthusiasts and home theater users. Its robust connectivity options, voice control integration, and high-resolution audio support make it a compelling choice. However, potential latency issues and output sensitivity with certain speaker setups may be areas for improvement. Overall, it’s a valuable addition to any audio setup, combining convenience, versatility, and high-fidelity sound.

WiiM Amp: Multiroom Streaming Amplifier with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, HDMI & Voice Control | Stream Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal & More | Remote Included |

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The WiiM Amp is a versatile, feature-packed amplifier that aims to transform your passive speakers into smart audio powerhouses. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of its features:WiiM Amp Multiroom Streaming Amplifier