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Peter Crombie Dies: ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Favorite As ‘Crazy Joe Davola’ Was 71

Peter Crombie, who was best known for playing “Crazy” Joe Davola on the TV show Seinfeld, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 71. The cause of death has not been disclosed, but it appears that he had a brief illness.

Crombie’s character, Joe Davola, was a popular and unpredictable recurring character in five episodes of Season 4. He was named after TV producer Joe Davola, who worked with Tollin/Robbins Productions and had numerous credits.

Throughout his career, Crombie appeared in 35 films and TV shows, including My Dog Skip, Natural Born Killers, The Blob, Se7en, Rising Sun, and Born on the Fourth of July. His TV appearances included the TV miniseries House of Frankenstein, NYPD Blue, Walker, Texas Ranger, Diagnosis Murder, Law & Order, Perfect Strangers, Spenser: For Hire, L.A. Law, and L.A. Firefighters.

At this time, no information is available regarding survivors or memorial services.

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